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About RobotBulls

The RobotBulls Token decentralizes AI trading algorithms, merging the power of cryptocurrency, decentralization, and AI. Join us in our journey towards reshaping investment banking, and be a part of an AI-powered bull run.


The RobotBulls token is a governance token for the RobotBulls platform.


Apr 1, 2024

Number of tokens for sale

7.200.000 RBT (20%)

Learn more in the Blue Paper

Token Allocation

Fund Allocation

Our Roadmap

March 2024Coin Presale

We are providing an opportunity for supporters and cryptocurrency enthusiasts to contribute to the growth of our project. Our community will have the chance to purchase tokens at a discount during the presale.


We will give out 20% of the total supply as an airdrop to the total community.

May 2024Creation of our Bluepaper

We have brought our ideas to paper and made it public for our community.

October 2024Publication of decentralized platform

We are planing to release the decentralized platform in october 2024 allowing users to share trading robots in a 100% decentralized way. A preview can be found on


Repost our tweet, tag us and participate in our RBT Airdrop. It's that simple!

Get Started

Get ETH on the Base chain

Go to the official bridge of coinbase, connect your preferred wallet and convert ETH to ETH on the base chain.

Buy RBT on Uniswap

Enter the amount of RobotBulls Tokens you want to buy and connect your wallet to make the purchase.


Become a part of the RobotBulls community by voting on environment changes.


The RobotBulls platform was launched in September 2020 and it's now launching its own crypto governance token. The RobotBulls platform is a platform that allows users to invest in various ai trading robots. The token on the other hand will allow users to vote what robots will be accepted in the first place.

Once ICO period is launched, You can purchased Token with Solana on any major solana exchange such as Raydium, Jupiter or Phantom.

Once ICO period is launched, You can purchased Token with Etherum, Bitcoin or Litecoin. You can also tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua sed do eiusmod eaque ipsa.